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Tragically orphaned at a young age, Elizabeth Willoughby (Nathalie Cox) inherited her impressive family estate and was raised by retired US Marine, Robert (Kelsey Grammer), who also runs the family business. Under his watchful guidance, her childhood was spent studying strategy, history and literature, all the while mastering the ancient arts of combat. Now an Ancient Civilization professor at University, Willoughby receives a call from family friends, Helen and Oliver Deakins, who have been experiencing a series of hauntings at their antique bookshop. With nobody else to turn to, and knowing Willoughby’s insatiable appetite for investigation, Helen asks Willoughby to get to the bottom of this paranormal mystery.

StatusPost Production

Genre: Mystery and Suspense
DirectorBrad Watson
CastNathalie Cox and Kelsey Grammer

Film | Miss Willoughby: Story
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