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The Knife That Killed Me is a journey through the memories of teenager Paul Varderman as he reflects on the events leading to the fatal moment his life is cut short.
Paul moves to a new school and becomes involved with ‘The Freaks’, a group on the periphery of school life, those who don’t fit in: Outsiders. At the same time he attracts the attention of the schools twisted and manipulative bully, Roth. When Paul delivers a message from Roth to the leader of a gang at a rival school, it sparks a dangerous feud.
Faced with growing pressures from both groups, Paul must decide where his friendship lies, a decision that may cost him his life.

Genre: Teen Drama
Status: Complete
Directors: Kit Monkman, Marcus Romer
Cast: Jack McMullen, Jamie Shelton, Oliver Lee, Andrew Ellis, Reece Dinsdale, Richard Crehan, Charles Mnene, Rosie Goddard

Film | The Knife That Killed Me: Story
The Knife That Killed Me

The Knife That Killed Me

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