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After Jude wins a luxury holiday on a mobile game app, he takes his friends and family with him including childhood BFF Andy. The two are invited to meet with a mysterious woman called


The Officiator, who offers them the chance to win $20 Million if they agree to play a simple game.


Eager to get his hands on the money, Jude convinces Andy to play but inadvertently signs the duo up for a deadly game called “Us or Them” where failure to agree on decisions will have dire consequences to not just Jude and Andy, but the family they have brought along with them on the trip.

Status: Post Production

Genre: Thriller
Director: Tom Paton
Cast: Malin Akerman, Jack Donnelly, Wayne Gordon, Nicole Bartlett, Celine Arden

Us or Them Poster.jpeg
Film | Await Further Instructions: Story
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